Connecting People

Profound Impact™ provides a unique digital community that connects people to help them become aware of undiscovered relationships and to demonstrate their individual and collective profound impact stories.

Profound Impact
Discovering Connections

“Profound Impact is helping people and organizations discover and share positive impact stories.”


hile respecting privacy, we leverage shared and actionable data to identify and graphically represent significant patterns and measurable relationships.

We facilitate and accelerate connectivity to engage untapped capacity in order to inspire collaborative solutions to difficult global problems.

Case Study: University of Waterloo Math Faculty

University of Waterloo Mathematics Community
University of Waterloo Mathematics Community

Inspired by the late Professor Scott A. Vanstone and the impact that his mentorship and guidance continues to have in the world of mathematics and across various fields, Profound Impact’s objective is to curate and link the talented alumni of the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo across the globe, various fields, and research output. Starting with the Faculty’s founder, Ralph Stanton, and cascading outwards, each individual alumnus will be able to identify the degree to which they are connected to other alumni and/or faculty such as legendary WWII code breaker, Professor William Tutte; Alfred Menezes, Scott’s academic son; or Michele Mosca, co-founder of the University of Waterloo’s Institute for Quantum Computing.

Achieving Global Impact

About Profound Impact

Profound ImpactTM is a Canadian woman owned company with offices in Campbellville, Ontario.  Founded by Sherry Shannon-Vanstone, a well-known serial entrepreneur, and working with an experienced team of marketing & communication, product management and product development experts, Profound Impact is offering a digital community next-generation social engagement and interaction platform.

This digital community is for use by universities and other research institutions and their alumni and faculty members to engage, discover, and measure the impact that the institution and its community have had and continues to have on the world. This transformational digital community offers a rich set of visualization and relationship exploration tools.  

Engaging People to Discover and Measure Impact