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Research Impact

We automatically match grants to researchers. Our AI-powered platform, Research Impact, helps academic and industry researchers find the perfect funding match.

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We help you increase revenue opportunities, save time and money, and increase collaboration with industry.

Increase Successful Grant Applications

Automatically matches researchers, funding opportunities and industry collaborators to create competitive grant applications.

Save Time and Money

Finds the best matches quickly and easily without using a search engine or combing through newsletters to find relevant opportunities. More funding, less hassle.

Increase Collaboration with Industry

Helps you find industry partners interested in investing in research and supports partnership requirements for granting organizations.


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Profound Impact is a female-founded Canadian company with an experienced team of experts in marketing, data analytics, SaaS product development and commercialization.
We are on a mission to connect great people to do great things.


Chief Executive Officer

Brian Romansky

Chief Strategic Officer

Patrick Michaud

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Starbuck

IT & Marketing Director

Karl Burger

Director of Sales

Sohail Ramzan

Technical Program Manager

Sherryl Petricevic

Director of Strategic
Alliances & Partnerships

Jennifer Petricevic

Senior Strategy &
Product Manager

Anish Darji

AWS Developer

Sai Thota

Full Stack Developer

Joseph Lai

Full Stack Developer


Data Analyst

Renata Rusiniak


Madlyn Jacobi

Communications & Client
Engagement Specialist

Jacqueline Watty

Business Development

Adele Newton


Jane Klugman

Account Manager

Darren McIntyre

Tech Strategy Consultant

Board of Directors

Deborah Rosati

Board Chair

Sharon Castelino

Board Member


Board Member

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We work with universities, colleges, research institutions, industry partners and funding organizations to make the perfect funding match.

Profound Impact

While we are headquartered in Canada, we have embraced the future of work and our team members reside in Canada and the USA in locations including the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, Calgary, Connecticut, Tennessee and Seattle.

Canada HQ


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