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Let's start with why.

This is how we work at Profound Impact – always start with our why: connecting great people to do great things.

Our big bold vision.

To be the transformational catalyst for people who are making a positive worldwide impact/difference. We see a world where people are doing amazing things every day and we want to support the individual and collective stories of profound impact by accelerating connectivity towards collaborative solutions solving difficult global problems.

Our values are CORE to our company culture.

CANDOR: Ensure the privacy of external stakeholders, maintain transparency and act ethically in all situations. Make a positive impact in the world and be evangelists for collaboration and cooperation by helping people make meaningful connections.

OPENNESS: Demonstrate leadership and help each other achieve goals through collaboration, open communication and accountability. Be authentic while treating everyone with honesty and respect and embracing diversity of thought.

RESPECT: Innovate with integrity and deliver distinctive, competitive, market-defining value while maintaining and respecting personal data.

EXPERTISE: Start with why, focus on things that matter. Get stuff done while taking ownership of success and maintaining a high level of creativity and technical expertise.


Our purpose to create a profound impact extends into society as we engage our team with learning opportunities, social impact practices, and professional development to fuel collaborative innovation and trust.

We work as one in a flexible work environment that gives you the autonomy to work at your best.

We support our team with programs to match donations, provide volunteer time off, develop new skills, and commit to sustainability.

Your values contribute to Profound Impact’s direction creating inclusivity and belonging in all that we do.

Similar to the Pledge 1% structure, Profound Impact believes that giving for the betterment of society can be done through contributions of equity, time, product, and profit. Our social impact programs reflect a blend of these gifts. In 2021, that represented a very generous percentage of profit. All activities align to the United Nations Sustainability Goals, particularly quality education, gender equality, and good well-being.

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Profound Impact

While we are headquartered in Canada, we have embraced the future of work and our team members reside in Canada and the USA in locations including the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, Calgary, Connecticut, Tennessee and Seattle.

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